Construct 3

Release r18

13 April, 2017 ()


Lots more fixes, and some more general changes and additions including a new origin indicator.

22 Changes

  • Layout view: experimental small indicator to display the selected object's origin
  • Project bar: confirmation prompt when deleting an object type
  • Project bar: when nothing open, the context menu now has all three open options (cloud, browser, local file)
  • Improved downscaling quality of large images in the image editor
  • Move the properties panel of the Animations Editor to the right side
Bug fix
  • Construct 3 projects (.c3p) could load with some objects at the wrong position in r17
  • Cancelling the save dialog after closing an unsaved project no longer closes the project
  • Layout view: selections could display incorrectly when using layout effects
  • Layout view: crash middle-clicking while dragging selection box
  • Event sheet: crash changing an inverted condition to a trigger
  • Event sheet: deleting an event would sometimes scroll back to the top
  • Event sheet: crash pasting events referencing event variables not in the sheet
  • Event sheet: 'Copy as text' now indicates OR block conditions
  • Event sheet: OR blocks now only show the "OR" prefix on the second condition and after
  • Possible crash importing font via drag-and-drop
  • Possible crash logging out while offline
  • Pathfinding behavior: crash restarting a layout
  • Editor-only options are no longer undoable. This includes project, layout and layer properties which are shown under the editor group in the properties bar
  • Crash undoing resize or crop commands in the image editor
  • Update the state of the save button in the main toolbar if the image editor produced any changes after being closed
  • Possible crash closing a project after copy/paste or clone of a Sprite
  • Crash typing in some input fields in r17


This build has even more bug fixes! Hopefully the editor is starting to approach a better degree of stability, but we'll probably need at least a few more releases to make sure we've got all the significant issues. This build also fixes a few regressions that cropped up in r17.

On top of that there's a few extra changes and additions. One minor addition is that there is an origin indicator on the selected object in the Layout View again. This is something that Construct 2 had since it's where the rotate handle is attached, but we've added a separate indicator for Construct 3 now that it uses a different rotation mechanism. This provides a visual indicator where an object will rotate from, and where its X and Y position is anchored to.

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