Construct 3

Release r16

06 April, 2017 ()


Fills in some oversights, a few UI changes, and a lot of bug fixes again.

25 Changes

  • Clicking 'New project' now opens a dialog that allows you to pick a preset or customise the new project settings
  • Create New Object Type dialog now has a name field like in Construct 2
  • Layout view: add back 'C' shortcut for center horizontal in viewport
  • Layout view: moved grid settings to the Properties Bar, and removed the 'Edit grid' dialog.
  • Creating a new project now shows a progress dialog if the editor isn't ready yet (since it continues loading a lot of resources in the background after first showing the UI)
  • Layout view: for consistency, renamed the 'Window' align menu to 'Viewport'
Bug fix
  • When a new version is ready, Construct 3 should now be able to update when reloading the page, rather than having to close and re-open the tab. This may not take effect until the next update.
  • Addon manager: cancelling an install prompt still installed the addon
  • Possible crashes if navigating between dialogs very quickly
  • Project 'Preview effects' option had no effect
  • Tree controls now handle shift + select like Windows does
  • Popup windows didn't work in r15
  • Switching to a Layout View tab now restores the properties for the selected objects
  • Layout View: couldn't undo actions in the 'Align' menu
  • Layout View: crash shift+resizing a 0x0 object
  • Pasting events in to an empty event sheet could appear in reverse order
  • Crash double-clicking preview button
  • Setting effect color parameters did not work
  • Properties bar: now accepts numbers typed in the format .1
  • Event sheet: can now undo changing OR block status
  • Animations Editor crash when closing by pressing the Escape key multiple times
  • Layout view: crash when pressing Ctrl/Cmd + V while placing a selection
  • Undo cloned object type
  • Improved overflow layout of addon install prompt
  • Improved diagnostics in console if aces.json has errors


New this build: we've fleshed out new project creation with a new dialog to choose presets and change settings. We've also added back the 'Name' field in the 'Create new object type' dialog, and the "C" shortcut in the Layout View, that were present in Construct 2. There's also changes around how layout grid settings are handled.

As ever, on top of that there's a big batch of bug fixes! We're still working our way through more reports, and this will likely keep going throughought the public beta, so please keep testing and we'll try to keep up!

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