Construct 3

Release r13

30 March, 2017 ()


The first round of bug fixes from the beta release

25 Changes

  • Links to add a new item in the Behaviors, Instance Variables and Effects list dialogs, making it clearer what to do when they're empty.
  • Special error message if you import a Construct 2 folder-based project (.caproj) - these need to be saved as .capx first before importing
  • Animations editor: option to slice imported sprite strip in columns or rows
  • Shows specific error message if cloud authentication popup is blocked by browser
  • Allow m4a files to be imported via drag and drop
  • Slight improvement to appearance of cloud loader error message
  • Preview mode on mobile now opens using a dialog as a workaround to the popup window not appearing to work
Bug fix
  • Ctrl-plus and Ctrl-minus now zoom in the Layout View rather than changing browser zoom
  • Some behaviors could move faster than the maximum speed if they had a very high acceleration
  • Properties Bar: did not show size properties for Tilemap object
  • Context menus could sometimes be left behind
  • Free edition limits did not always update after logging out
  • Crash using object expression as instance variable name
  • Possible crash selecting all events
  • Parameters dialog: autocompleting a string name would insert unwanted characters typing the final "
  • Crash running project with tilemaps in a family
  • Anchor behavior: some options were swapped
  • Animations editor: issue duplicating animations
  • Animations editor: a number of bug fixes with the UI and drawing tools
  • Tilemap Editor: crash using the rectangle tool with no tiles selected
  • Tilemap object: crash showing the collision polygons of each tile
  • Issue encoding audio with the Import Audio dialog
  • Recent projects did not work in the main menu
  • Unable to clone text objects on layout view
  • Opening a local file should now more reliably show the open dialog


We've had a staggering amount of feedback since we first released the public beta! We're working hard to address it all, but there's been so much we haven't been able to investigate everything yet. So we're releasing this build with a big batch of our bug fixes so far. Hopefully this will help improve stability significantly, but not all issues will be resolved yet - however rest assured we're still working hard on it!

When you visit you should see a notification that an update is available. Please note that a quirk of our update process at this early stage is thatyou must close and re-open the browser tab to update. It's on our todo list to fix this so you can simply refresh to update. You can check which version you are using in the About dialog.

Stay tuned, we have lots more updates on the way!

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