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This plugin will come in useful if you want to:

  • Include user scripts into the game's webpage.
  • Call javascript functions on events. Get function return value and compare it. Pass Construct values and variables to the javascript functions.
  • Have algorithms in javascript. It's especially recommended if it comes to nested loops and array routines.
  • Have game objects and their methods in javascript. Use aliases for that.

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  • Awesome Addon! Easy to use! <3

    Thank you!!!

  • Where can I find examples files on how to use this plugin?

  • Failed to create text editor for file player.js

    how to resove it?

  • when would you offer new update for construct3 runtime ?

  • Great plugin! Are there plans to support the new C3 runtime anytime soon?

  • When i use your plugin in preview it works fine but after exporting with with minifying then uploading it to facebook Simple hosting when calling the function i get an error like this :

    ValerypopoffJS plugin: Error in 'Call function' action


    JS code: UsersShare('Passed level 2 in 13 Seconds !!!','DefendScore')


    UsersShare is undefined

    • What is facebook Simple hosting?

      "Minify scripts" option when exporting from Construct doesn't minify user scripts. So the problem must be somewhere else. Have you tried to upload it somewhere else to see if the problem persists?

  • I tried it out recently and overall it looks pretty useful. Awesome.

    One thing I noticed is that return values do not work if the returning is delayed, in my case I had to load an image onto a canvas, process some stuff and then return it. In order to properly load the image I had to wait for image.onload, the plugin didn´t wait and always returned 0. I worked around it by loading the image in a previous function, but it would be great if there was a trigger event like "on function 'functionCall' value returned" to allow this sort of things.

    • Can you show me the code of the function that you're talking about? The one that returns 0?

      • Hmm I already changed it, but I actually think I know the issue. What I did was

        function loadImage(img){

        var image = new image();

        image.onload = function() {

        return "whatever";


        image.src = img;


        and if I´m not mistaken the "return" on that place will not return the value where I need it to be returned. My b!

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  • I can use Babylon.js with this plugin ?

    • I'm not quite sure I get what you mean by "use with". Babylon.js is a framework, right? My plugin helps you include js-files in your game, call js-functions and accsess js-objects from these files. If babylon.js has functions and objects you're gonna access, then yes.

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