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Destroy Bricks by Color (With Source)

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    Destroy Bricks by Color — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!


    <p>uses a touch gesture or a click of your mouse to destroy groups of blocks of color.</p><p>* 5 Different Levels:</p><p>LVL1.- Sample 5 different colors (Difficulty Low)</p><p>LVL2.- Sample 5 different colors (Difficulty Medium-Low)</p><p>LVL3.- Sample 6 different colors (Difficulty Medium-Low)</p><p>LVL4.- Sample 6 different colors (Difficulty Medium-Low)</p><p>LVL5.- Displays 7 different colors (Difficulty Medium-High) and Additional puts obstacles</p><p>* 3 different power ups:</p><p>1. Destroy all the blocks of one color (it forward to 2000 points) and throwing them aside Reorders</p><p>2. Destroy all the blocks of one color (it forward to 3000 points)</p><p>3.- Destroy obstacles level 5, this power up only appears at level 5</p><p>* Detects when few blocks</p><p>* Pop up with Notice few COMBINATIONS</p><p>* When there are few active COMBINATIONS a button with the option to continue to the next level</p><p>* Different Points for N Destroy blocks:</p>

    • of 1-3 blocks destroyed N x 20 points
    • Block 3 to 6 x 30 points destroyed N
    • More than 5 blocks destroyed N x 50 points

    <p>When you destroy the blocks out a warning to indicate how many points the block numbers multiply destroyed.</p>

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