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collecting object.

  • Good morning.

    I try to do the following:

    a character has to pick another place on the boat and take it to the other side, besides that they have to go in order and that not all characters are carried between them.

    ie if a wolf and a goat wolf eats the goat stays on the first side.

    thank you very much for the help: D

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  • Ah your doing the old wolf sheep cheese puzzle (was it cheese?) but i think you posted in the wrong board... I think this should be moved to the how to board....

    Wolf and sheep cant stay on one side alone, cheese and sheep cant stay on one side alone and you can only carry one object on the boat...take sheep, go back, take cheese, take sheep back, take wolf, go back and get sheep voila....fun riddle though

    Btw should be pretty easy just have two areas one on each sides of the shore and check wich sprites overlap that area. That way you can check if the combinations are correct...hacky but sufficient i guess...

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