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Classic Games - Case Study

  • Have been thinking would it be interesting to turn StarTropics into an RPG with that grid based movement and maybe a bit Zeldaish <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Also for some reason I always liked how Nox looked. That and tactical turn based combat, partly randomly generated world and party based RPG. Just a bit afraid that isometric character design with different items and all that.

    My current main project is somewhat Doom inspired.

    Also been working NES styled game prototype. TEST LEVEL




    space=restart room

    I also made one NES Castevania clone in the past I could maybe redo on C2.

    Also found this hqx video setting on Nestopia yesterday

    <img src="http://img473.imageshack.us/img473/1605/mario9rc.jpg" border="0">

    At least I find it rather interesting what it does.

    Edit: Oh! And X-com the original from 1994. Xenonauts is the best remake so far.

  • pixel perfick : before my time but really a classic. What I learned from just a short time is that simplicity goes a long way. Especially in graphics effects ....

    zapolleon: do you know Brutal Doom mod. A nice hobby project running on GZ Doom. What motivated fans make just for kicks is amazing ... just be warned .... once you play it, you cannot go back to vanilla ...

    Katala: NES games are a whole separate universe if you will. Can you make a list of your recommendations or your personal list of "WOW thats amazing" NES games ?

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  • moxBorealis, Aside from the obvious maybe StarTropics, Blaster Master, Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania 3, Journey to Silius, Kirby's Adventure and Metal Storm.

    If you dont know what Metal Storm is here is a video

    He also has a lot of other maybe not so well known game reviews.

  • I am also passionate about the Nintendo creations, like my favorite Super Mario Bros. 3, SMW, The Legends of Zelda, Mario Kart. I also think that great ideas come in the generation of 8bit and 16bit, it was during this period that the challenges of programming began, "break-the-head", and today we play is the result of this season. Great Super Nintendo \ o /. I've had multiple consoles as PSOne, PS2, DS, PSP, X360, Wii, Dreamcast, today we see the concern with the graphics. But Flappy Bird, is there to prove that people are enjoying the most simple games also.

  • A lot of good games are mentioned here, but I'm blown away that nobody has even thought about the real classic games out there,. Besides Pong, Space Invaders and Pacman. I would say check out MAME, the ultimate arcade emulator. Play all the original classics from the long gone arcade halls.....only the sound of these I miss...

    Play Donkey Kong, Pooyan, Galaxi, Frogger, Commando, Don Panchi, Bubble Bobble, Virtua Racing, Metal Slug and I can go on and on. So many classic true games here with good game play that a lot of the newer games are lacking.

    For the best game experience build yourself a Game Cabinet and replay your youth

  • I have been playing this lately. Plenty of good titles to remake in it.

    Midway Arcade Origins on XBox 360

  • I did a working prototype of Defender. the stages were not done yet, but all running well, except from collision detection when aliens were kidnapping the people, which I couldn't find way around, and in the end left it. Back then it seamed to me that at fast moving speeds js was just working to slow, because what was needed was to switch off collisions only for certain objects and only for short periods of time. Also I'm not great at math so had trouble with some alien ships movement patterns - had no idea how to reproduce from original except for lander hovering above the environments. Was extremely proud of the map loop engine which was working perfectly :>

  • peterbot1970



    Williams Defender was the inspiration for My last game,

    play the demo here...

    Bit of a blatant plug, but what the hell...

  • peterbot1970



    Williams Defender was the inspiration for My last game,

    play the demo here...

    Bit of a blatant plug, but what the hell...

    Well done!

  • No MSX, or Commodore amiga old users here?

  • Brainvibe Yeah some Amiga games still hold up today, Turrican, Stunt car racer, favorite strategy game was Nuclear war, what a game!

    loads of classic speccy games are gagging for a remake, jetpac, Zub ect, ect list is endless...

    Anyways welcome to the old codgers corner, feel free to grumble about any new fangled thing ya like...

  • peterbot1970



    Williams Defender was the inspiration for My last game,

    play the demo here...

    Bit of a blatant plug, but what the hell...

    ice! I have been playing the original on that disc I mentioned earlier. I always liked how the player explosion looked like a supernova.

    Also, I came from the days of C64 & Amiga... Pixelperfick - Nuclear War was a great game. There is a web re-make of it out there somewhere. Another great game from that time period was Megalomania.

  • derikvlog :talking about programming challenges: I couldn't find the film from my memory- an interview with David Braben (author of legendary Elite) but found this documentary instead. Its an interesting story full of little tricks and solutions and ideas

    Respect to David and the whole team! and good luck with Elite:Dangerous !!!

  • peterbot1970 :O man .... you opened a whole can 'o worms there with MAME. That is also a whole universe to explore! Nice list of games to play and study there. Thanks! Keep the stories from MAME comin'

    Brainvibe : Its like you described my list of must see games - we have similar gaming history it seems... Albeit C64 (home computer era in general) platform is before my time, I'm an avid C64 (Amiga also......) fan. I even rescued an old C64 from trash (some people don't care or don't know or .....) and I keep it for my C64 fix. Man,..... it works like a charm. Funny, I fired it up after some time. Not a hint of noise, instant boot, keyboard feels like you wanna type anything just for the sake of typing .... what a machine

    Pixelperfick : I dont know why, but art in your game demo looks very appealing. nice work

  • I found an interesting Blog entry. The Art of Shadow of the Colossus by Frederic Fourcade. Author explores the art style and a bit of game design in a legendary PS2 game Shadow of the Colossus. (I adore this game BUT I never played it for long....it is on my MUST play list! ...yea yea..I know.. ... never owned a Playstation so.... heck ....).


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