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  • game gear - yea - veery rare :) But one of my friends had one and she had some fun moments with it ;)

    Pancholo: what do you mean? Developing a sandbox style 2d game or what? Stuck on story, game mechanic ... From your description you got a lot going on in there :) and the latest fashion/technology are sandbox style games so I assume .... :)

  • moxBorealis

    Ever played with or know what a Tamagotchi is? Easier yet, ever played The Sims? Well, I'm planning on developing something like that, but as a 2D platformer and with a specific theme. You would take care of your very own character, probably with hunting/farming to produce food, going out on adventures (in dungeons, caves, etc.) to get materials/collectables, and a lot more stuff to keep your guy happy, fed and healthy!

    You could say it's like the life of your RPG protagonist but when he's not doing any quests!

    Now, I ask: Why would you play a game like that?

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  • yes, remember little "Tamagochi" toys. So actually you are developing a sandbox/survival type game. Keeping up with trends I see.

    What do you guys (or girls !!!) think of sandbox/survival games. Playing DAYZ anyone :) ? Did any of you try to design such game in C2?



  • no sandbox/survival players? Cannot believe it :)

    OK just wanted to share a game I found. Ultra simple design inspired by Sokoban and extended into chemistry teritory. Wonderful simplicity with good playability and education bonus layer :) Check it out an tell what you think?      :)




  • What are your favourite time manipulation games? Can you think of any besides Braid?

    Did you try ? Made in unity and I think a clean execution of an idea.


  • :)

    what games did you play during the holidays? Any inspirations?


  • Hm. I'm making a 1942 clone: ITGYDSN.

    I'm aiming to recreate the game as much as possible regarding the original Arcade specifications, like, resolution is 224x256, pixel fonts and graphics, and stuff.

    It's going to be an endless game since I can't be arsed to recreate all the levels, but as a learning game, it's going nice for me.

  • I'm working on a Jetpac clone as a learning exercise

    Used to love playing it on the spectrum

    my first game so hoping all goes well

  • Yea. Classic game recreations are an enjoyable practice - especially when performing first steps. Good luck people :)

  • DARTH crusher Good taste there old chap!

    Nobody has mentioned Defender, Berzerk or Phoenix! shame on Ya!

  • Well.. I was thinking about Tempers and Gravitar, though I have no idea how well this system works on vector emulation.

  • I love to play games in my free time, as a designer, I need to learn about graphics and games are the best source of learning graphics and background everyone have their opinion with everything and mine is this for gaming. Gaming lover fan of good quality games.

  • People, would you be willing to post a link and a 3 sentence review of your favourite classic games and what can we learn from them?



  • moxBorealis I'll do one of My three for now, maybe other two at a later date...

    To kick off, Williams Defender,

    should need no introduction or link for any gamer over forty the very name induces memories of trying to strim another game at Blackpool pleasure beach while mum plays bingo...

    For everybody else who calls themselves a gamer, you need to be slapped down by this 6x3 foot badboy...

    Simple concept save the survivors from the planet surface while beating off a clamor of alien attacks from all angles...

    What can we learn from this? Fear does not need a decomposing face!

    When a comparatively docile lander dragged one of the hapless humanoids to the top of the screen the lander transformed into a mutant that chased you down within seconds if you wasn't fast and accurate enough...

    Now that's fear...

  • I'm surprised nobody mentions DOOM.

    I've been playing Doom for almost 2 decades now, and I've been map-editing for three years. Best things I learned that can be applied to general game creation?

    1. Traps and baiting players into traps, and making lots of variations on traps (boy, you can make an entirely new game with this concept alone).

    2. Enemy placement and type is about as important as it's quantity in determining game difficulty.

    3. Meat shields are just meat shields if you don't pair them with anything else.

    4. What you can't see (behind the false wall) will hurt.

    5. Just because it's green, radioactive slime doesn't mean it'll hurt.

    But you can make the player think twice about getting that medkit.

    6. Atmosphere's nothing if your player is shooting all the time

    7. It's not a clever secret if all the player did is wall-hump every wall he sees.

    8. And finally, it's fun to defeat a boss without directions.

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