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Creating object by name from INI and setting VARs

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  • Hi!

    I'm currently building a map editor and playing along with the INI object.

    I would like to specify all the tile data in an INI file rather then cluttering the eventsheet with statments.

    So far I have been able to "create object by name" from the INI file like so:

    For each group

       Create object INI.ItemString(INI.CurrentGroup, "Name")

    I have more item names(set of data in the INI) that I would like to set for every created object, put how would I pick them since they are created from name?

    As it stands now, the map editor creates the tiles (grass, dirt they are in a family called tiles) but let's say that I would like to set, on creation, their ID, Speedmodifier, Walksound, etc...

    How would one do that in one function?

    The INI looks like this:



    Name=terrain_grass01 <font color=red><-- THIS IS THE NAME I USE IN THE EVENTSHEET</font>

    Description=Medium long green grass. It's like fur but smellier.

    Speed multiplier=0.95





    Description=Brownish compound with small pebbles in it. Makes mothers cry.

    Speed multiplier=0.90


    Any help would be greatful!

  • While you can create by name, you can't pick by name. A workaround is to have a private variable "init" which is by default 0. It indicates if the object was loaded completely.


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  • Thanks alot R0J0hound, I will try it out!

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