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  • Hi,

    Just discovered Construct recently, and was hoping to ask a few questions : -

    1. Is it possible to create a quiz type game, i.e. have a question, and let a user click on choice A, B or C type scenario ? And is there any examples of this already created ?

    2. Would it also be possible to store these values, in a score type system ?

    3. How difficult would it be to have 'scores' saved physically ?

    4. Is it possible to have a user 'sign in' and have the game remember their name next time ?

    5. Can I add a movie file (essentially a trailer ) to a game, and if so, what formats are supported ?

    6. Similarly, can I add flash movies to a game ( for instance as a logo intro ) ?


  • I don't have time to answer right now, but the answer is YES, and it's a pretty easy game type to make.As for the flash movies part, i'm pretty sure you can't use them. Try the ghost shooter tutorial if you haven't yet, it should answer your questions.

  • 1 Yes

    2 Yes

    3 Yes

    4 Yes

    5 Yes

    6 No

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  • No, there's no Flash import... but if you want an animated logo you could either use a sprite animation (depending on how big it is) or you could manupulate objects in the layout and event editors to animate your logo screen. Similar in method to Flash, I suppose, but without the timeline.

    Though there is a Timeline object that might help you sequence the events of your animation. It's rather different to what you might think of when you hear the word "timeline" though... it's not a visible row of frames at the bottom, more like a spreadsheet type thing. Play with it a bit, you'll see what I mean. And there are a few examples of how to use it on the forum hanging around.

  • Thanks for the replies, everyone.

    I'm going to have a run through the ghost shooter tutorial as is, and see if I can get up to speed with how things work inside of Construct.


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