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canvas bug? or by design?

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  • It would seem moving or resizing a canvas object clears its contents.

    Also, a canvas without any effects fails to grab the layout, either before or after.

    Is this by design or a bug? if by design, are there any workarounds?

    I'm trying to get a feedback effect and the only way is to move the canvas.

    I tried offset effects, but the distance is a fixed number, thus the effect is frame based. Could work though. For zooming I couldn't get the Magnify or Lens effects to work with canvas. Pattern does work beautifully. Sadly, no effect on canvas can achieve what I'm going for since they accumulate over frames and I want to render the efect accumulated looping and ping-ponging over two canvas, pasting between each other several times.

    Also, canvas seems to ignore alpha.

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  • Not sure whats going on here. Looks like a bug, better submit it.

  • Just a question to Madster have you found a way to resize the canvas properly, i submitted it as a bug and then as a feature.

    Currently changing height and width stretches it so i am wondering if you have a way to do it at all?

  • [quote:1hgv8arj]Currently changing height and width stretches it so i am wondering if you have a way to do it at all?

    make a temp canvas

    paste the original to it

    resize the original canvas

    clear the original canvas to transparent

    paste the temp canvas to the original

    destroy the temp canvas

  • Currently changing height and width stretches it so i am wondering if you have a way to do it at all?

    In my computer moving or resizing Canvas clears it. Stretching is what I want, and what Lucid proposed is what I was trying to do.

  • I tried what was posted ealier bout using a temp canvas and such and it still doesn't work, when saving the file it still only uses the original canvas size.

    Like i said resizing a canvas only stretches it, doesn't actually resize it at all, so maybe it requires creating a completely new one with the new size entered? Although you cannot set an object size when you create one, you can only create one from an already existing object

    Possibly a bug with image manipulator? I set that to the new size too, but when saving a file it always saves as "20x20" which is the original size.


    <img src="http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e397/clericvash/resize-1.jpg">


    <img src="http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e397/clericvash/save-1.jpg">

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  • BUMP, would be good if someone could help me figure this one out!

    Please see my above post!

  • Bumping again....

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