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  • maybe this doesn't belong here if so please move it.

    I was wondering something last night. First i'm no programmer so maybe my question is easy but i don't have the competence to answer it by myself.

    I wish i could play with the SDK but i have no visual studio, i only have access to those express version and from what i understand there some DLL missing in the express version.

    Problem is i personnaly use Bloodshed Dev C++ when i have to put my hand into code.

    Is there any chance i can build the SDK using other IDE than VS?

    thanks in advance

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  • Dev-C++ is no longer maintained so you should find a new compiler anyway. I'm not sure if the SDK builds on anything other than VS - it might do - give it a try!

  • I have no idea how to code in c++, so i dont know if this suggestion has any value, but,

    The Express Version of Microsoft Visual C++ is freeware ?

    You can find it here ...


  • theinstance: yeah but like i said there some majo difference between the express version and the complete one. som major DLL are missing. you didnt tought microsoft would give a fully workable version of VS for free

    Ashley: im aware Dev C++ is stop but i was tinking largely. i should ask if it was possible to compile using other IDE .like CodeBlock. Im pretty sure im not the only one not using VS

  • This is of topic, don't shoot me please.

    Could someone post or pm a list where you explain what DLL, VS, Dev C++, SDK and IDE are?

  • This is of topic, don't shoot me please.

    Could someone post or pm a list where you explain what DLL, VS, Dev C++, SDK and IDE are?

    A DLL is a file which executable files call functions from; these can be informational, or functions which do specific things. Direct-X for example is programmed into DLL files, which the Construct Runtime calls functions from. Every plugin created via the SDK is a DLL file.

    The SDK is a bunch of C++ files which creates a DLL file compatible with Construct and the runtime.

    VS is Visual Studio, the program which compiles the SDK source files and creates a DLL file. It's basically a text editor with syntax hilighting, a resource editor (to set up dialogs, icons, etc).

    So basically, you use Visual Studio to edit and compile the SDK source files, which creates a DLL, or plugin.

  • Thank you very much!

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