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JSON Manager PlugIn in Development

  • I am putting together a Json Manager Plugin for my own game and have gotten pretty far with it. I wanted to see if others would be interested in this when it is totally complete.

    The idea is to load Json objects from files into named slots, so that they can be referenced later in the event sheet.

    The goal is to allow access to items using standard Json object syntax for accessing properties and array items.

    So a sample json file would look like this.

    To specify Json files to load and the slots to put them in is done through the plugins properties like shown below. Using comma separated lists.

    To load the Json and access properties in an event sheet you can do

    You will notice that you load the json files and then an event is triggered when complete and a value is accessed within the object and array to display on the screen using standard Json syntax.

    Next steps:

    1) Add expressions to access array count based on a json path.

    2) Add a loop condition to iterate over an array based on a json path.

    3) Error handling.

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