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Forest Legend

  • Forest Legend

    Read more about game description and see more updates at http://forestlegend.com


    Hello, Russpuppy here to share news on a new game I'm working on. Previously my main focus has mostly been on kid apps on mobile devices, but I've been eager to make something else for desktop. This game (I'll refer to it as Forest Legend since I have that domain though I'll probably change it later). It's still in very early stages but will be a platform style game, the main characters are trolls in a Scandinavian/fjord inspired setting. The plan is to have it optionally a coop so at least 2 players can play together. The end goal is release Steam via greenlight.

    I am somewhat of a pixel art newbie I realize I probably need to brush some of this art up but it's a start!


    Spider enemy!

    edit: I've changed this game into something completely different, so updated this thread to show new screens

  • Yeah nice

    Gameplay is really smooth! I like the exploding blob animations. Although I think the mixture of lovelyforest and sci-fi guy with lazer gun is a little strange and gives the game some feeling of "trashyness"!

  • Beaverlicious thanks, I appreciate the honest feedback. I may need to rethink the sci-fi character though I do want it to be a side-scroller shooter of some kind...

  • I've totally redone this game and have updated the original thread with new screenshots and info.

    Here's is the latest blog post:

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  • a few animated gifs to demo some of the new stuff I've been working on

    captions and more detail on my dev blog at

  • New dev log: level autotiling!

    read more:

  • Woah, that's pretty cool man. I'll follow this one.

  • Very cool I agree with alvarop. And I also think your pixel art is pretty great too. I am most impressed by the level editor functionality you have incorporated into the game. is that possibly a function of the campaign where you must build platforms or is that just a stand alone function the player can mess with?

  • LoneWolf007

    Thanks. It's been fun doing the pixel art, my favorite thing so far to make is the spider.

    It's not set in stone yet but I'll probably just make a level editor (not part of the actual game though that's not a bad idea). Still actually not 100% sure on making the level editor available to the player yet though, I might just use it for myself in creating levels.

  • Very very very good, i would believe it was made by Nintendo if somebody said that. Gameplay style, smoothness and art is a masterpiece I'm very jealous I'm not involved in the developing. Good job.

  • thanks for the kind feedback. I'm currently working on a level editor, should have some more to show off soon...

  • Here's some more updates on the level editor:

    Would embed a YouTube video here but can't figure out how... is it possible with this new forum?

  • Small update to level editor--customizable NPC speech dialogs

  • [quote:1jm2q2iy]Still actually not 100% sure on making the level editor available to the player yet though, I might just use it for myself in creating levels.

    Why not? You clearly went the extra step by making it user friendly already.

  • Katala

    At this point I am pretty sure I am going to make it available for the player. When I said that before there were a few hurdles I wasn't sure if I'd be able to overcome but now I've got auto-tiling working pretty much exactly how I want it thanks to some good tips from the dev who created the AutoTileGen software.

    So at least that is how I am proceeding with development--my first step is to finish and polish this level editor then I will work on creating my own levels (using my own level editor)

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