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what build of C2 actually works with Coocoonjs game center?

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to add GameCenter support to an IOS/Android game for a client of mine and hitting an incredibly time-wasting and frustrating brick wall...

    No matter what combination of settings in the cocoonjs plug-in, cocoonjs cloud-compiler, and the game itself, once installed, the game never gets passed the cocoonjs loading screen (locks up in black screen after the loading screen)

    Has someone had any luck with this, and what version of construct2 are you using?

    Here is the error message when I run it in debug mode on IOS:

    IDTK_LOG_ERROR: [JS] Invoked in void com::ideateca::service::js::utils::JSUtilities::PrintException line 94: JavaScript Exception (Line: 22654 File: 'c2runtime.js' Tag: 'script'): TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'CocoonJS["Social"]["GooglePlayGames"]["nativeExtensionObjectAvailable"]')

    If any one has GameCenter Leaderboards working on an IOS game with cocoonjs, I'd be immensely grateful if you could help me figure out what's going wrong on my end.



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  • Are u using the latest plugin

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