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Squash an Enemy

  • Hi all,

    Could any member help me squash my jumping Kangaroo ?.

    I have tried MIU3's example(EnemieJumpKillSpawn) but is does not work in my game, as it sometimes deletes the enemy without the player jumping, could be my player.

    The Kangaroo's jump from a tree onto a platform, if my player jumps on them they are destroyed. I have it working, but as I hit "SHIFT" the Kangaroo's are destroyed if I touch them jumping up, but if I don't touch them jumping up when hit from above by my players feet they are destroyed.

    I want to stop them being destroyed as my player jumps up and accidentally touches them.

    I hope this makes sense. An example would be great.


    Answered my own Question:

    PLAYER| is overlapping Enemy|

    SYSTEM| platform is falling | Enemy Destroy

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