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Simple question?

  • If i have a repeat loop and set it to repeat 4 times what happens when the 4 times is reached. Also within the Loop i have a sub event that checks to see if something isn't colliding. If it isn't then it will stop the loop. But how does the loop turn back on?

    It's not really a problem i'm having i'm just trying to reverse engineer a script someone helped me with. I wanna get better at scripting.

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  • After the loop is finished, the game simply moves on to the next event below.

    The 4 repeats would all happen on each single read-through of the event sheet (1 tick), so for example: 'repeat 4 times>' would be the equivalent of having the same event 4 times consecutively.

    Whereas the non-existant "trigger 4 times" would cause it to happen on each tick for the next 4 ticks... which I have a feeling is how you imagined loops to work. (I was the same)

    If the sub-events conditions aren't met, then it's actions and any further sub-events won't run.

    This is the same case for sub-events everywhere... The loop will continue if it has other stuff to do.

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  • Thank you

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