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preview asks for internet connection

  • Hi you all! this is my first post. Sadly, it's a "help" one.

    And I guess this has been answered before, but couldn't find the solution yet.

    when I want to preview my game the browser opens (chrome in this case) and says "no internet connection abailable" (don't know if those are the exact words since mine is in spanish)

    it doesn't say local host problem or anything like that. Just asks for internet connection (that I don't have nor need in that particular PC). I've read that this soft doesn't require a connection to test the games.

    So, what do I do?

    I really don't understand much about internet connections, ftp, IPs, etc... that's a mistery to me, so I need some guidance. It also happens that the PC I use to work is 2 floors above this one (which obviously HAS a connection), so, everytime I need to check something online it's a pain in the a**.

    Tha's why I can't keep checking online "step by step" tutorials over and over.

    aniway, help please!


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