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Messy conditions

  • Hi guys!

    The file contains further information of my problem. 'm pretty lost with For Each, Pick by comparison and similar stuff. Hope you can enlight me, because I got really stuck here.

    Thank you as always.


  • I am not sure what you want.

    There are 2 switches for each (2) doors. Do you want them to open when both switches are pressed? In that case you dont have blocks enough to solve this puzzle. So i interpreted it as: 1 switch = 1 then open doors .. 2 switches = 0 .. then close the doors. Any other interpretation you can easy do based on this capX.

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1SSu ... k56dUxjazA

    More Questions ? Just ask. Unless you dont like my attempts to write some English.

    I changed the animations to be able to use them as a usefull switch.

  • Holy shit, you are so good at this. I'm spanish, just in case you also are and we are being a little bit dumb trying to write in english!

    You interpreted it perfectly. I completely ignored the existence of "PickedCount" and the way you previously pick instances and make sub-events from that. Amazing. I really, really need to study that. There's only one thing that didn't work, though. If I try to press a button with the player without a box already on any of the buttons, it doesn't get pressed. Once you have placed a box in one of the sensors, I can press all the other ones with the player, no matter what "number" they have.

    I didn't touch anything yet. I'd love to have the cap-x perfectly setup to study it slowly and try different things.

    Thank you very much.

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  • You will manage. Once you see the light, you can not unsee it again.

    Just see how i use chains of events that work on the previous picked items, until that one item is left as a seed for the actions.

    You created there a perfect puzzle to learn from.

    And i would like the def cpax of this, if thats ok.

    Again, i am sure that you will manage, because if you have that 'click' it 'clicked' for ever.

  • Oh, and you might need two instance variables, if not for this level, i think certainly for the next levels.

    Instead of only Pushed, PushedByBox & PushedByPLayer. Might as wel calculate that in now.

  • Thank you for everything. I'm actually having this little problem that is driving me crazy. I still can't have the buttons pushed by the player unless a box is pressing any of the buttons previously. Like, maybe is it constantly resetting to unpushed or something?

    The logic should be like:

    -The player can push any button IF that button doesn't have an un-pinned box pressing it's sensor and, of course the player isn't over the sensor already.

    -The box can press any button IF it's un-pinned and the player isn't over that button.

    Thousand thanks.

  • AHA the last rule ! Now the logic gets clear. Have a lil patience, i'll try.

  • Well.

    First rule has as a backwash, when no box is touched, the player can swith any button.

    By switching i understand: ... when its 0 make it 1 .... when its 1 make it 0.

    That way the player does not need any boxes to solve the puzzle.

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1SSu ... 1FKWFkwdzA

    Unless they auto close after some time.

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1SSu ... m5HeTFiQTg

    Unless they mirror.

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1SSu ... msxMmNERm8

    Unless i still dont understand your logic.

    Anywayz, thx for feeding me this puzzle. Was fun to do.

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