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Invalid manifest in Chrome web store (when adding)

  • Hi all,

    I'm getting an invalid manifest error in the Chrome Webstore when trying to 'add' the extension. It uploads fine.

    This is my manifest:


         "name": "Awesome Arrow Prototype",

         "description": "This game is a prototype arrow shooting mechanic ",

         "version": "1",

         "manifest_version": 2,

         "homepage_url": "<I had to remove the site to make this post>",

         "app": {

              "launch": {

                   "local_path": "index.html",

                   "container": "panel",

                   "width": 960,

                   "height": 480



         "icons": {

              "16": "icon-16.png",

              "128": "icon-128.png"


         "permissions": [           "unlimitedStorage"      ],

         "offline_enabled": false


    Thanks for any help!!!

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  • To anyone who has had this issue before,

    "homepage_url" is not valid in the Chrome Web App manifest.

    It simply needs to be "url"


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