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How to create cunsumable product and format price IAP

  • Hello,

    My Android game will have coins power-ups, which can be purchased several times as per need.

    According to google, one item can be purchase once per user.....

    And to create consumable products, I need to send some "consumed report" so that it makes that item available again for purchase.

    But I dont see any such option in official IAP plugin ? Am I missing anything ?

    Also, how can I display the product price converted in native currency format of the user/player?


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  • bump....

  • Sadly, the Official IAP is only for one time purchase items:

    For IntelXDK Crosswalk Export

    You can use Cordova IAP from cranberrygame to make consumable items.

    But it is a paid product :

    Scirra Store:

    Forum Topic:

    Also, how can I display the product price converted in native currency format of the user/player?

    It is already automated by google play. You just need the plugin for C2, Cordova IAP plugin, I mean.

    For Cocoon.IO Export

    Free plugin:


    A small tip:

    The stable one for me & easier to manage is the IntelXDK export with Cordova IAP plugin. That is only my opinion. I've tried both and I find

    IntelXDK to much more stable. But it is paid though.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks chadorireborn

    Just one query, the plugin pack cost 12.19$ here at scirra

    and cranberry separately selling it for 10$

    Whats the difference beside price, and which one should I go for ?

  • I think they are just the same. But it costs more in Scirra Store because of the selling fee.

    This is just me. But I think you should go for the $12.19 if you got some extra money because scirra offers a great backup solution for your paid plugins. So if you lost your plugin collection, you can just download it from scirra instantly. Unlike from the $10.00 (directly from cranberrygame) you have to mail cranberrygame everytime you lose the plugins.

  • Ok, thanks for your help

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