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How do I view a list of all the currently synced objects

  • So another multiplayer question. This is mostly for debugging purposes, is it possible to see a list or iterate through a list of all the objects currently being synced with the multiplayer addon?

  • Would be nice. I have a problem with syncinc. I set it up the same for some objects but only half of them appear on the peers.

    e.g. Ships (players) are synced fine, same applies to the laser shots/bullets the server creates but the on collision spawned explosion (has the same sync object action like the other objects) never appears on the peers.

    How can I check whats wrong with the synced objects or see if they are really synced?

    Here is an example:

    FXExplosion is never showing up on peers, only on the host. But why?

    The only difference I can think of is the FadeIn behavior set to disabled by default, set to fade out over 1 sec when activated. And its activated after Animation:Default is finished to remove the object. But that should not break syncinc?

    (laser is a bullet created every 0.5sec when holding down mouse1 and synced to everyone. Maybe this is too much to sync and bullets appear "laggy" sometimes even if I have only 30-60ms pings. Does lag compensation work for such bullets or is it ok to create them on the peer AND host but just check the hosts version for collisions?)

    As far as I can see from the ghostshooter example the lag compensation works for instant hit bullets/lasers - but does this work for bullets which fly a while before hitting anything?

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  • If you like you can test the current version here: http://www.playbird.at/sites/Bl4ckSh33p ... index.html

    (the Server is not running always because I use my local computer for it)

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