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How do I Set collision to change my player on impact

  • Hey! sorry if this is a noob question, but im making a simple Tag game for me and my friends, im looking to make it so when player 1 (WASD movement, simple cube) who starts off flashing or "IN" makes contact with player 2 (Up,Down,Left,Right) Player 2 begins to flash and player 1 stops flashing, and the same for player 2.

    when i tried "When Player 1 is On collision with player 2, Player 2 set animation speed to 5, and player 1 animation speed to 0" (keep in mind i have the animations all sorted) and i did the same for "When Player 2 is On collision with player 1, Player 1 set animation speed to 5, and player 1 animation speed to 0"

    it seems these commands collide forcing nothing to happen on impact, how can i fix this?


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