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How do I make Avoid AI

  • Im having abit of problem with my game..

    I have 6 turrets positioned like this:


    • *---*----*---

    l I

    l I

    l I

    • *---*----*---

    inside the boxed area there are 3 AI enemies and the player..

    every 3 seconds 3 random turrets fire 1 projectile each at random angles..

    the goal:

    I need the enemies to avoid the projectiles...

    the problem

    I did try using pathfind and waypoints sprites that randomly change whenever they are triggered..

    but the Ai sometimes ignores the obsticales (=projectiles) and run through them

    so far I managed to get the Ai to be smart enough to stay alive for about 11 seconds..

    Im guessing the pathfind is too slow when using dynamic obsticales?

    any ideas how to solve this?

    any help would be great, been trying to work around it for days...

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