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  • Can anybody help me with this?

    Please do not place links to old posts, I have gone through all of them.

    This is 2017, for example, I dont get the ADD PLUGIN REGISTRY link, I dont see that.

    I tried adding the plugin manually from repo, cranberrygame.

    What am I doing wrong? Does the ZIP file, after downloaded need to be place in any specific folder, I need to get ADMOB working ASAP.

    Please Help....

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  • There are many plugins available to make AdMob ads work in your Cordova app. For an exhaustive list of AdMob plugins, go here >

    See the example on this page that implements a test page for "yet another AdMob plugin" (yaap) > <

    The tests above were done in response to another Construct2 user > < to try and generate ads in his application.

    You need to "add a third-party plugin" when using the XDK to add any of these plugins. If you know the "npm registry" name of the plugin you set the "Plugin Source" to "npm" -- if you know the git repo URL you set the "Plugin Source" to "Git repo" -- more details available in the docs > <

    BTW -- this AdMob plugin looks like a good option if you want to avoid skimming, etc > <

    [quote:3uhz56jr]p.s. Once you have successfully configured your app to work with the AdMob plugin you choose to use, I highly recommend you export the project using the Cordova Build Package tool and start using PhoneGap Build or Cordova CLI, since the XDK build system will be retired at the end of June.

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