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Facebook highscore list

  • I never manage to get more rows than my own when I call:

    Request hi-score board top 5 scores

    (I have 4 friends playing this game)

    Then I have an On hi-score that:

    Append Facebook.HiscoreRank etc. that appends text to a text object.

    Is there anything I am missing on the Facebook side?

    Do I have to submit the game for approval before I can see more than my own row?

    I have searched this forum and read a few posts but have not found this particular problem.


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  • I expect you read the manual entry for the facebook-object, if not:

    And offcourse the tutorial:

    So reading this, first make sure you have your App ID or the facebook object won't load properly..

    To use the scores API also the appsecret should be entered.

  • Thanks for a quick answer

    I have read them. And did again. I also checked both AppId and appsecret.

    Should it matter if the game is in sandbox mode or not? The other players are added as testers and administrators.

    The facebook plugin appears to work on a web page that is not secure. My understanding is that secure pages is only needed for facebook apps. Is that correct?

    Also the game is not submitted for approval in facebook developer page yet - must it be?

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