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Calculating the platform behavior's parameters precisely?

  • So, i'm trying to replicate classic megaman controls perfectly, like, I'm talking, PERFECTLY. I want to use the platform behavior, but I have no clue how to adjust the parameters to match that of megaman. Acceleration and deceleration, as well as gravity go by 'pixels per second per second'. What does per second per second mean? I can try to figure it out per second, but...per second per second? What? I took a physics class in 8th grade but I sucked at it so I need help. K THNX!

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  • It means exactly what it says. Going back to physics real quick, you have x, which is position; v, the first derivative of x, which is velocity; and a, the first derivative of v, which is acceleration. v, measured in units per second, is the amount of units added to x every second. Similarly, a, measured in units per second per second or units per second squared, is the amount of units added to v every second. A higher value for a, acceleration, will result in greater changes to velocity over a second.

    Hopefully that explains it clearly enough. Let me know if you need more explanation.

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