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Audio and layout changes

  • Hi, I'll be done my first game if I can solve this problem. It's been really hard, so I've come to beg a bit.

    My game consists of several layouts. I am using the on start layout event to trigger background songs on each layout. During testing, as in when I test each individual layout, they each work very well. When I throw the whole thing together and test it as a whole, around the 3rd level the background music refuses to trigger. I don't think I have any other variables affecting the playback to worry about and I've tried using on start layout to trigger the music as well as a single sprite visible and an on sprite visible event to trigger the music. The problem persists.

    I'm very much a rookie, but this is the only thing holding back completion of my first game and it's been doing so for a week, so any tips would be very appreciated.

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