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[somewhat solved] Collision issue with physics behavior.

  • Hi,

    I'm using the default physics behavior which uses box2D and I came across a weird issue.

    When my ball hits a wall at a low speed (well, the lower the incidence angle is , the highest the speed can be to make the issue appear), it starts rolling along it instead of bouncing off, which is something I really don't want in a bounce-based game.

    I re-created this issue in a dedicated project, you can see by yourself here :

    And download the associated .capx here :

    I also tried the chipmunk physics behavior, which doesn't have this issue, but this engine doesn't have swept collision and thus let sometimes the ball appears inside a wall for a frame, which is ugly, and sometimes pass through at high speed, which is unacceptable in such a game.

    Any idea how to solve my issue?

    Edit : I found out that I could fix this issue by editing the b2_velocityThreshold variable inside the physics behavior. I guess I'll have to copy this behavior to make my own so it won't be overwritten during a C2 update and won't mess my other games.

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