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What's with all the CocoonJS whining lately?

  • Joskin

    I agree, it is marketed as ready-working for Android and iOS. That IS a bit misleading.

    Could have been better if it was marketed as Beta support maybe.

    60 FPS is normal thought. Max FPS is capped at like 62 on my device so that's okay. Unless you mean it gets worse after 10 sprites :P

  • I mean that you can't really understand why your are losing FPS when you are using cocoon, I'm working on a very simple game without physic, particles, text ...etc everything is fine for a mobile use. But it didn't works fine, an I don't get why. It's very frustrating.

  • Joskin

    I have to agree there. It works but it's never ever a smooth experience.

    Exporting with CocoonJS is less about porting your project and more about tailoring it to work with Cocoon.

    Since I develop mostly for Android, I've made many Android benchmarks with CocoonJS and I've tested many different methods and crunched many numbers on different devices. If you give me a link on a PM i can look into your project and see if it's a problem i recognize.

  • Hello everyone,

    The combination of C2 + CJS adds up to some pretty amazing and very sophisticated software.

    We know from first hand experience that it can be very frustrating, especially when something is not working.

    The latest version of CJS has introduced intermittent crashes in our game but on the whole we are extremely happy with it.

    Implementing an alternative solution would require a great deal more effort. I am sure that Ludei are working very hard to resolve the current batch of bugs. While we wait, we all need to be patient.

    In the meantime, we have decided to work on the next game rather than get tied down with CJS known issues.


  • Xionor "You are free to use your own Android/iOS wrapper and port your HTML5 games yourself! However I am sure than no more than 1 or 2 people in the whole community have any knowledge on how to do this."

    you think that if the 90% of the comunity have the ability to make a custom wrapper would buy C2?i dont think so mate.I personally bought (and i think the majority of us)C2 because I dont know programming at all.if i knew how to program i will use unity(free android,ios exporters not pro editions btw) or the new havok new engine(its free for mobile development)

    And the other question i have to you is why you start this thread?everyone has his worries about his game and want to be as much as playable in mobile phones.Its not bad at all.im sure we make mistakes and get low fps (we have to find other ways to make our games more efficient,and read tutorials from ashley of course or from the forum) and sometimes misjudging things (in this case CJS) but its an idiom that says where is smoke there's fire.

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    i love c2 its very easy to make a game,and the guys every week update the product (for FREE!!!) but for android (cause idont have apple's products to see the performance) c2 I think is far behind.maybe spending more time and focus at this issue will make us all very happy.and if as you said 1 or 2 people from the forum have the knowledge to make a wrapper i believe you are agree that the guys from scirra can make it happen.sorry for my tragic english.

    And im not whining...

  • scirra.com/forum/ejecta-thread_topic65300.html

    I�ve given up on waiting for CJS and their misteryous update schedule and I�m using Ejecta to wrap my mobile app.

    Basically, If I had the knowledge I would invest in this open source project rather than waiting unknown amounts of time for a solution.

    I recommend you take a look.

  • Just saw that goldentree has made a very neat tutorial on using Ejecta


  • you think that if the 90% of the comunity have the ability to make a custom wrapper would buy C2?i dont think so mate.I personally bought (and i think the majority of us)C2 because I dont know programming at all.


    That is my point exactly.

    People have no idea how to program yet apparently think making a HTML5-to-Native wrapper is a straightforward breeze.

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  • the problem is that many of us before buy it we saw export to ios*, android* (*via cocoon js) we dont know what really means and then when the fps is somewhere between 15-22 with 2 layers and 3 sprites and 5 lines of code you see again the "export to ios*,android* (via cocoon js)and the smile in my face is not because im realy happy..

    LEAVE WiiU and give Android and Ios exporters a better chance.in my village we offten say its not the quantity that matters but the quality.Multiplatform exporters?No problem at ALL. Gimme more BUT make it work.I have no idea how to program and i dont know before 10 months what html5 2 native wrapper is in a first place but at the end why should i care?its not my problem if is a straightforward breeze or something else.i saw the description of the program I liked it,i paid for it so give me something stable.i dont care about ludei I am a customer of scirra.

    at the end ive got no program skills but C2 main customer base is no-program skills-people.

  • I think this is half right, half wrong.

    1. C2 users bought C2 because it doesn't need programming. And the commercial says you can make games as a native app with a few clicking... with CJS. But no one tells them CJS is not a complete solution before they ask their problem at the forum.

    2.This is C2 forum, not the Ludei's forum. You have to complain in their forum or by email. I contacted with Ludei directly by email and got a lot of help.

  • sheepy, I didn't know about ejecta. It looks less straight forward than CJS. I would be keen to give it a go if I could get my project working with ipad 1, ipod touch and iphone 3gs.

  • 2.This is C2 forum, not the Ludei's forum. You have to complain in their forum or by email. I contacted with Ludei directly by email and got a lot of help.

    Well that is true... but I also think it is good for the Scirra devs to know what is happening when people are using their product - even if the problem is caused by a 3rd party app. I am aware there is not much the Scirra guys can do.

  • robotecollective

    you are 101% right my friend

    But im sure that the devs can do much more.i cross my fingers to do it.Who knows maybe in the future updates weve got something revolutionary for c2.I'm trying to be optimistic because in the past year c2 is extremely updated so the sky is the limit.ive got faith.

  • Yes, what incredible entitlement that people want their games to work. Truly a marvel that people would like to use a piece of software that they paid for and export to platforms that are well-used, like mobile. CocoonJS worked before and was broken with a recent build? CocoonJS is the best way to get C2 (which again, we all paid for) on mobile? PSH, whatever, like that matters.

  • Here is a comforting gif for those who are feeling stressed.

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7765312/1375732826607.gif" border="0" />

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