What's with all the CocoonJS whining lately?

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  • I like Cocoon, but the inability to have iAP working on the Android platformer is working my nerves. I've been tackling how to do this for days. I'm so close to giving up.

    Hell, the ads barely work.. They work for me in the Android viewer, but once I compile my project as native, they don't even show..

  • czar After the first time it�s pretty easy to use ;] My game is running on 3gs in a nice speed ;]

  • I got an email from Ludei, fingers crossed!

    Hi Chris

    We are working to fix the issues that Construct 2 users have reported to us in the past 2 months.

    Thank you

  • I got an email from Ludei, fingers crossed!

    Hi Chris

    We are working to fix the issues that Construct 2 users have reported to us in the past 2 months.

    Thank you

    Great news!

  • Dear Construct 2 users

    We read all your comments very carefully and appreciate your interest in our platform. Us at Ludei?s engineering team do our best to move the platform forward both for Construct 2 and other frameworks. We believe CocoonJS is the best HTML5 platform for mobile developers, and our platform fuels more than 400 iOS and Android game titles, from both Construct 2 and several other HTML5 frameworks.

    Although Ludei and Scirra work together to provide you with a seamless experience to deploy your games to mobile, we are two completely separate companies. Ludei is free to use at the moment and we are not taking any revenue from Scirra in any way. All the efforts we are making are just because we believe in the Construct 2 community and because we know our platform needs to improve to be the best HTML5 solution in the market.

    During the last three months we have been changing the way we work internally, focusing on releasing much more stable and frequent CocoonJS builds. We keep adding features and fixing bugs every week, and we want to deliver these improvements to you all as fast as possible. We have a great team of engineers working full-time on CocoonJS.

    We have been updating the CocoonJS plugin for Construct 2, fixing the in-apps and ads systems. A new version of this plugin will be released in the coming weeks. The extensions, yet not gorgeously documented, have associated demo code, which can be used as a generic code base.

    These are some of the tasks we are working on, which are really important for Construct 2 users:

    • Better audio support. We released CocoonJS 1.4 with a new audio system, which now allows you to use different properties of the audio object like "currentTime". However, the new implementation lacks some features and we?re working to improve that. Part of our engineering team is working exclusively on this problem. We have done great improvements in this area and expect to solve all major issues soon.
    • Some rendering bugs are being solved, like the 9-path bug which causes some games to render incorrectly in CocoonJS.
    • WebGL is an experimental feature. We are aware that the Gangnam style demo doesn't work correctly on some devices. This is an experimental feature and we knew some rendering issues could arise with this demo. It?s also important to remark that other WebGL demos like Space Blaster run at a solid 60fps in lots of devices! We think that this is really important for the Construct 2 community as visual effects like explosions and other WebGL effects work smoothly on CocoonJS. Despite that, Construct 2 users have a benefit of a 2x performance boost with such experimental feature.

    CocoonJS is a free platform for now and we are pushing hard to have a really stable platform to develop HTML5 games. CocoonJS is not, however, a service bundled with Construct 2 in any way, and every bit of support we?re giving Scirra and the Construct 2 community has been free of charge, just because we believe in the community and its potential to deliver great games. We work hard so you can smoothly deploy your games with CocoonJS, but we don?t have the resources needed to provide personalized support for every Construct 2 user using our platform, yet we try to.

    In the next months we?ll be focused on improving communication with users, better documentation, tutorials and a new revamped website that you will love.

    We take your opinions very seriously and we are doing our best to be the perfect technology to deploy HTML5 games on mobile devices with the best user experience.

    Thank you for your support,

    The Ludei team.

  • ludei, thanks for the update. Appreciated.

    Will compatibility for various devices be improved. My current app takes about 29MB of RAM (estimated by c2) and yet it won't function on ipad 1, ipod touch and iphone 3gs. Is there anything we can do to help improve compatibility with these older idevices?

  • ludei

    Thank you for the update. Much appreciated.

  • ludei,

    We really do appreciate the hard work you put in, so thanks for all of your efforts.

    <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi czar

    We are changing the way a audio gets loaded into CocoonJS, this should speed up any game on iPad 1 and iPhone 3Gs. However, other features like "texture reduction" can make your game work better on old devices or devices with lesser RAM.

    Try to select "Texture reducer -> above 64" before loading a game in the CocoonJS launcher.


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  • ludei,

    I have just batch converted my pngs to 40% original size and then with Texture Reducer I get my app up an running - nothing looks right but I can see it works. How can we use the texture reducer in the cloud compiler? i.e., not through the launcher

  • Last week I finished work on a Construct mobile game: a horizontal scrolling shooter with a bit of a twist.

    During my testing, and after some heavy optimizations, the first level (out of 4) ran at a healthy ~50fps on Cocoonjs 1.3.

    Sooooo... I installed the newest v1.4 on the iPad, and expected somewhat better or equal performance.

    Only to be shocked to discover that first level now runs at a dismal ~17fps, and plays like a snail running through mud.

    The game was supposed to be put up on iTunes this week - I do not see that happening now. It just runs way too slow.

    I am now going to test with Ejecta, and see if that will improve matters. As it stands, Cocoonjs is a complete bust for me. Client is not that happy atm...

    Any suggestions or ideas about why performance might be affected that bad?

  • Rayek I know what you mean I had similar shock recently. However, I have found ludei to be very receptive this week. Why not email them? devsupportisd@ludei.com

    They are currently helping me work out what is required to get my ipad working on older hardware.

  • Ok, I got my app working on ipad 1 and ipod touch. The processing speeds of those devices is dismal. Where I was seeing 28+ FPS on ipad 2 and better on ipad and touch I am seeing 3-5 FPS and that require me to reduce all textures to bare minimum. I wish apple would allow limiting apps to specified devices.

  • It's funny how anyone can complain! With the new WebGL rendering, my game runs amazingly!

    Initially I was shocked when my FPS dropped all the way down to like a 3-5 FPS as well. But I realized the problem was with text rendering.


    I removed all text objects which were changing on tick.

  • Hi Rayek

    Please change the WebGL render mode to Canvas render mode, this should boost the fps of your game, if is not the case, please contact us at ludei.com and we'll be glad to help you on this.

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