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Include extra files?

  • Is there a way to include extra files with our exported project, now that we have a html iframe plugin I have some interesting things I like to do, but I need the files included with the exported version.

    When I export html5 I can copy the files manually to the directory and it works great, but I have no way of doing that with a chrome export.

    Basically I am using the iframe plugin to display my html docs and images locally.

  • How come you can't copy the files manually when doing a Chrome Web Store export? You still get a folder of files just like you do with the normal HTML5 export.

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  • That's a good question.

    I'd say it's not possible at the moment, Ashley will be the one that can give more details about the chrome export side of things.

    Edit: Oh yeah right Ninja'd, when does that British sleep ? ^^

    On the other hand, why provide the html docs in download with the app ?

    The iframe allow you to host/access it online. You could upload it on dropbox, and still access it from your application.

    The only drawback I see is the downloading size. But the "On loaded" event of the iframe would allow you to make some timer/symbol that signals the user it's downloading.

    Once you downloaded the doc, it stays in the user's cache. Only the first time/downloading of the manual would be an "issue".

    And this would still work as intended in the chrome export I think.

  • Thanks, I did a no no and assumed pack app mean it was packed. But yes it's just raw files in a folder.

    I can still see including files within Construct IDE an easy way to keep track of shared assets that gets pulled in to the export, but I know you guys are pretty busy.

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