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Detect triggering object

  • Once i tried making WarCraft 3 maps with Map Maker (later MM), very similar to Construct 2 (later C2).

    In MM the event sheet is separated in 3 parts:

    1. Event or trigger - this must happen to continue, for ex. unit enter region1; unit1 is attached

    2. Condition - here are AND and OR logic conditions, for ex. unit is owned by Blue Player; Damage done > 10

    3. Action - if it is triggered and all/or some conditions are met, this will happen, for ex. destroy triggering unit; subtract (damage done) from owner of the attached unit.

    I want to concentrate on the "Action" part. With this detection of ANY triggering unit i can do something to it. By comparison, now in construct two i have to make as many events as there are units and in all of them to perform the same actions.

    I have searched for this feature with search engine on Scirra, but nothing came up. I don't have paid version so maybe on the paid there is this feature. If not, i like to hear your thoughts about this, and maybe have this feature in upcoming releases.

  • Have you tried the 'Families' feature? You can make a family called 'Units', add all your unit objects to it, then an event like "Mouse clicked on family Units" will work for all the objects in the family.

  • I have free version of C2, so i don't have that feature. But with families, can you for example click any unit in the family and then destroy that object?

  • Yes you can.

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  • Ok then, sorry for underestimating C2 power :D

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