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A lot of object on mobile...what we should do...

  • Ok, i'm opening this topic because I need some help to "design" the loading of some sprite...

    I'm making a platform in 2d for iphone5s... is working fine everything, the problem start when I have a lot of object on the layout (like 100)...

    the most of my object are with these behavior:sine, solid, bullet, fade...etc....

    and I make the platform with the tilemap...

    now, I start to make some level, and when I make a hard level (with a lot of trap) the iphone is going to 35 fps... now, 35 fps isn't bad, but it's annoying and is more difficult to make some level with more object...

    now, I'm thinking to use the event sheet to spawn the object when the player.X is > than someX of the layout, but this means, make a lot of event, because for every object I need to specify like 20 variable, and if I need to change some object will be frustrating and very hard...(bad method to design a level) but it's good because I can show only 20 object If I need it, I means, if the all level have 200 object, I can spawn a specific object when I want.

    now, someone know another method? if I set the object Invisible the fps will be lagging, If I disable the behavior if the player is far from the object will not work too...

    the first method it's the best system maybe?

    Thank you all

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  • Since your new there are a few tips.

    1. There is an article in the tutorial section for mobile performance.

    2. Minimize the number of different objects collide and are called at the root even sheet.(this is 70% of new user mobile mistakes.

    3. be efficient with your code. Reduce the amount of heavy math that needs to be done. If storing a value in an object can save you re-calculating that math again for the next few ticks. Do so.

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