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[r100] Fuzzy Graphics at Certain Rotations

  • This is a strange one - not sure whether it counts as a bug...

    Here's a link to my .capx file: cardtest.capx

    This effect *only* happens when game is exported - if you do Run Layout the graphics are perfect.

    Press Up & Down Arrow to alter the angle of the cards (the angle is cumulative, so only card next to the central card is at the angle shown)

    See how at 8 degrees rotation the number 8 card suddnly goes really fuzzy/blurry. Keep rotating and you'll see that at 30 degrees it becomes clear again. I know that rotating graphics will have an effect on quality, but this is much worse than you'd expect. Why does it only happen at certain angles, and why only on the exported version? (graphics are exported as highest quality pngs).

  • I can't see any difference between preview and export in Chrome (please remember to say which browser you're using), and either way it appears to look fine.

    I think this is just a linear sampling artefact, so closing. You might want to experiment with the sampling or pixel rounding project properties, or simply avoid scaling the objects (note you're scaling width 136 -> 100 which generally looks worse than staying at 100% scale).

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  • The problem was in Firefox - sorry that I didn't specify this.

    I think that you're right that it's only happening because the objects are scaled.

    I'll try messing around with the sampling and pixel rounding to see if that helps.

    Thanks for your help.

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