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How do I save .text data to server in any way?

  • How can I save data to my hosting in most simple way.

    The idea is to make in my app an admin login and save textbox data to server, so users when get to app - will recieve this in same text box with read only property ON.

    I do not need any safe or unhackable ways. I just want to save from app an any text file on server and later to dysplay all it's content.

    Tried mysql plugin, but I don't know anything about mysql structure.

    Thank's for your time.

    p.s. also wanted to try json method, but I cannot find ways to save to json file, only read.

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  • It isn't really clear what you are looking for..

    The admin will type text in a textbox and all players will get this text displayed?

    Is this in multiplayer mode?

    Do any of these tutorials help?

  • Not a multiplayer. I want textbox to show what admin type there so users can read. Like forum with only 1 post. Thanks for turtorials. I will find use to them. My main question that can i handle with construct such things as modification of text file on HOSTING side (not readonly).

    But I dealed with my problem using a firebase plugin - scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=91232&start=0.

    Question still have power? So can I save files on my hosting, using construct only.

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