How To Upload and Host Your Game on Kongregate

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Just recently, Kongregate has allowed developers to upload and host their HTML5 games on the site itself. Unfortunately there weren't any tutorials around to show developers how to do so and most still assume you need to host HTML5 games offsite. (personal host, dropbox etc)

After some testing, I finally figured it out and now I want to share with you all.

The first step is export your game as Kongregate. To avoid any unnecessary scrollbars on your game, set your game to allow "Letterbox Scale" under "Fullscreen in Browser" settings in Construct 2.

Next, you need to zip all the files inside your game's folder except "index.html". Please make sure that you zip those files under root. Meaning when you unzip your game, you should see all your game files instead of a single folder.

Okay, you are all set. Let's head over to Kongregate.

(Note: From here I'm assuming that you have already signed up as a developer at Kongregate and have already entered all the necessary details like game name, description etc. )

- on the first tab, choose Flash/Unity/HTML5.

- for Game File, select your game's "index.html".

- enter your game's width and height.

- tick "I would like to upload additional files for this game".

- choose the zip file your just made.

If this is the first time you are uploading a game, just upload a game icon and some screenshots.

Once you are done, scroll down and click "Upload". Wait for the process to complete and you will be brought to the preview screen. Double check to see if your game is running properly etc and if you are happy with it, click on the Publish Game link.


(Note: when I tried uploading a second time (with some changes to my game), it still showed the previous version until I cleared my browser's cache. Just to let everyone know)


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