TUTORIAL #1: How to create a custom mouse for games

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Creating a customized mouse is a lot easier than most people would expect.

Which is why I'll now show you how to make one.

But first, we'll need some objects. (And by some, I mean only 2.)

A sprite, and the "Mouse" Object.

That little circle there will be our mouse.

(REMINDER) Make sure your mouse is Sprite object. The custom mouse will not configure well if it were another drawable object. (a tiled background, for example)

Now, lets move to the event sheet.

Create the events like the ones shown below.

Now, if you want this to work on ALL the layouts in your project, just place one instance of the sprite in each layout. It doesn't even need to be seen by the player. Just place it outside the layout.

And that's it.

I might make some more tutorials soon :3



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