Publish your HTML5 game on Internet using own hosting!

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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


Hi, i want to show you, how to publish your game on your own webhosting.

First we need to create account on

Click on Signup button:

Leave first colon blank in registration form, and write to second one:

Write name of your website. In this example: I write raiper34, and so, my website will be Then fill name, e-mail, password, captcha and tick agree with terms of service and click register. You will be redirected to admin panel, but you need active your account now. So go to e-mail and click on activation mail, that you get. If your account is activated, you will be see CPanel button in your account (refresh page), click on it:

Now download Fillezila (from, install and run:

Now fill areas as with information from your 000webhost account, as you can see on picture and click Quickconnect:

Now, go to public_html folder, as you see on picute:

Now right click on black area and create New Folder, name it as name of your game (i named it for example "birds":

Go to this new folder and copy all games files to this folder. As you can see on picture:

And it is finish :) Now open browser and type URL adress of your web and add /folderofyourname/index.html . For examle: or (it depends on second picture ;))

Congrats your game is online! :)


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