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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

This tutorial was created while HTML5 uploads were still in beta on Newgrounds. You no longer need to request access, you can simply create an account, then create a new game project and you will see an upload field for a ZIP archive containing your HTML5 game.

Some of you may have noticed that you can only upload Flash games on Newgrounds.

However it is possible to upload HTML5 Construct 2 games on Newgrounds. All you need to do is send a message to TomFulp in which you write : "HTML5 upload access", OR getting invited by someone that can already upload HTML5 games (probably the best choice to not spam the poor guy!)

The HTML5 upload option is still only in beta on Newgrounds.

After you have sent the message and have the ability to upload HTML5 games you will now see this:

And last if you get this error MAKE SURE to put the index.html file in the root of the zip file.

I found it easier to get feedback on Newgrounds than on Kongregate or Scirra Arcade.

That's it, if you wish to follow me on Newgrounds here is my link:

Thanks for reading!


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