Program for creating characters 8-bit

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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


Often when you create some kind of game you're wondering how to make a character, a car and other things in 8-bits.

Below you Piskel page.


The website is easy to use. Just sign up using your Google Account by clicking Login in the upper right corner.

After logging in you a gallery of characters already created. To create a character, click Create piskel.

When you click find ourselves in the editor.

On the left side you will find basic tools such as:

1. Brush

2. Filling

3. Erase

4. Create a rectangle or circle

5. Choice of color

6. Frames

In the middle - a field editor. On the right side you will find:

1. Preview created the form or animation

2. Layers

3. Transformations (flip horizontally or vertically, rotate, cloning)

4. The current palette (if you have previously signed his)

5. Tools such as:

5.1. Settings

5.2. Size

5.3. Saving

5.4. Exportation

5.5. Importing

This is my first tutorial. Do you want to know more about this site? Rate my guide and write a comment.

PS: My English is not good enough :)


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