Metro / Windows 8 plugin for Construct 2

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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

I have written a plugin - Metro which provides you the ability to integrate better with Windows 8 capabilities when you export your Construct 2 project for Windows 8. This is a tutorial/intro to the plugin.

I submitted a game Blast the bricks to the Windows Store which uses this plugin and make sure to add your creation to this thread in the forum!

Please take a look at an introductory post, the user manual and a few screenshots of event sheet and a sample Metro game in this website.

To illustrate the plugin's usage, I have taken the Ghost Shooter (tutorial version) and converted it into a Windows 8 Metro game sample.

Please download the plugin and the Metro Ghost Shooter and let me know what you think and what more features would be useful. I also have the reference manual published in the same website.

You might want to refer to How to make a Windows 8 Metro app tutorial from Ashley to refresh yourself.

Known issues: You have to disable Mimifier when you export if you are using this plugin.

P.S: I was working on a game independently, ended up writing this plugin and thought this would be useful for some of you.

Update 1 (07/27/2012): Supporting Live tiles

The Metro plugin is updated to support Live tile notification. Now a Construct 2 game can send out a notification with ease. Please refer this page for usage and other details.

Update 2 (08/10/2012): Supporting app local data

The Metro plugin is updated to support storing and retrieving Windows 8 application local data. I have modeled the action/condition/expressions exactly the same as WebStorage plugin. So if you know WebStorage, you already know how to use the new features! See

Storing App Local data in Windows 8 from Construct 2 for detailed instructions on usage and interfaces exposed.

Update 3 (08/31/2012): Supporting app roaming data

Now you can store roaming data of your games using the plugin. This means that if your user is logged in with Microsoft account and plays your game on a tablet and the Construct 2 game saves highscore/level unlock etc,. using the new plugin interfaces, then when the user logs in to their laptop/desktop, the stored data is automatically synced. Implying level unlock, high score info is available across all the machines for the user! No heavy-lifting is needed from developer's side except to use the new plugin commands which are same as WebStorage plugin. Please refer

Storing App Roaming Data for details.

Update 4 (09/06/2012): Support for resetting app data

Occasionally users want to delete the stored local and roaming data (see previous 2 updates) and start the game fresh. The plugin is updated to provide the UI for this case - The Settings Preferences pane is updated with a Reset option.

Please refer

Resetting game data for more details.

Update 5 (09/07/2012): Support for In App Purchase

[The plugin now needs Windows RTM]

When you want to do a freemium game, you want to lock down certain levels or features. The plugin is now updated for this scenario. You will be able to provide the option for Purchasing a feature in your game and the plugin provides a way to test it as well so as to make sure the experience is good for user.

Please refer

In App Purchase for documentation and more details.


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