Metro / Windows 8 plugin for Construct 2

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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


Update 6 (09/13/2012): Scaling for screen sizes esp. snapped mode

The snapped mode requires a special handling in Windows 8. The background and details are a little involved. So please read this tutorial for more details.

Update 7 (09/30/2012): Advertisements

Added support for controlling Microsoft pubCenter advertisements.

See Generating revenue with advertisements

for a detailed discussion on adding advertisements to your Windows 8 exported game how to control showing/hiding ads from within Construct 2.

Update 8 (10/01/2012): Trial mode

Now the plugin supports trial mode and a comprehensive mechanism for supporting in-app-purchases. See Trial and In-App purchases revisited

for details.

Update 9 (10/14/2012): Sensors

Now the plugin supports Acceleromer, Gyrometer, Inclinometer and Light sensors!


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