Making a Powerup



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Making a Powerup

Step 1: The Basics

Have you ever wanted to have a powerup that gives you a certain ability? Then you need a few basic things...

1. A sprite. Always have a sprite.

2. The "Solid" or "Platform" behavior ("Solid" for stand-still health potions or "Platform" for 1-up mushrooms.)

3. A collision mask (only for "Platform" behavior."

When you have those, you can start.

Step two: The Logic

First, your simple health drop:

Now we want to make the player pick up the drop, so we do this:

1.Create an Instance variable for the player and name it "health."

2.Create something that can damage the player and an event (If PlayerBox collides with Enemy>Subtract [Amount of health taken] from

3.Create the event for the powerup (if Player collides with HealthDrop>add [amount of health given] to & destroy HealthDrop) more or less.

Now you have created a powerup! Also, for moving powerups, use the "Simulate Control" action. Good luck!


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