how to setup admob ads in construct 2 step by step



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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


Hello everyone, in this tutorial i will show you how to setup admob ads in construct 2 .

1- the first things you need is an admob account to create your interstitial or banner ad unit and the admob plugin.

2- in construct double click in your layout then choose admob plugin :

3- after that go to your admob plugin setting → in android tab add your interstitial or your banner id . if you want to test ads set test mode to true. if you want to start earn from your ads set test mode to false.

4- go to event sheet and make a new event, choose system → on start of layout : action → choose admob plugin → preload inters. another action then preload banner ( you can add action → show banner then hide banner when the player start play or then show it again in another action:

5- the best way to add ads is between level. personally, i add my ads when the level complete or the player lose. like that : if player die or time=0 → show interstitial . or when game over screen is visible → show interstitial or when the player click a button → show interstitial.

6- after you finish, export to cordova . i made a previous tutorial to how do that step by step here :

how to make an apk file using

7- now this is the trick : after you export to cordova go to config.xml and add admob sdk to to it :

this is the admob sdk plugin code :

    <plugin name="cordova-plugin-ad-admob-sdk" spec=""/> <!-- If available via Cordova registry; consider changing to an NPM reference. -->

8- now do all steps explained in how to make an apk file using


this method is tested by me and i can confirm it work 100% .i hope you enjoy the tutorial and if you have any questions or need help in any step just leave a comment.


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