Families vs "or"

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of course the new release of construct2 has a new functions one of them called the "or" it can uses in events.

first before all let me tell you how to use the "or" in an event.

first make an event with 2 conditions then right-click on the event and click "Make or block".

**remember there is a little problems if you didn't do "or" as i did because i tried some other ways and the construct2 force closed so save before you do it!

see now if the player overlapped with monster1 or boss he will destroy.

the good things on "or" you can compress events from 20 to 1.

ok now lets talk about families , in construct2 (paid edition) there a function that do the same idea of "or" but its harder to understand the idea is like that:

i can put all enemies in a folder call it enemyfolder for example and in events ill do like this : if player overlapped with enemyfolder it will destroy.

also families has less functions that "or".

ill just say that feel free to create your game but try to do the way you like "or" or families ,all are good functions.

last thing (an idea for young,poor,not paid,newer users the "or" is free not like families that should be paid, so if you didn't buy construct2 you can use or ^^ )

if you found any mistakes,problems,questions feel free to post here


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