Facebook and Twitter Dialog for cocoonjs

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This is a solution that use facebook and twitter dialog with the browser plugin for publish your game score on ios windows phone and android using cocoonjs, it is a simple but useful solution I hope it works for you

if you only need to work with android yo can put the dialog url(facebook or tweeter) on a browser "OpenURL in a new window" action like this:

if you need this to work on iOS, you need to use something to encode the url, maybe you knows other solution this is what i found:

1. you can encode the url on an external tool search "encode url" on google and you will have a lot of tools for this.


2.you can use the encodeURI inside a plugin

a.Create a new plugin to use the encodeURI function of javascript or create a copy of browser plugion (if you create the copy yo need to change the id and name of the plugin

    	return {"name":			"Browser","id":			"Browser","version":		"1.0","description":	"Access the browser that is running the HTML5 application.","author":		"Scirra","help url":		"http://www.scirra.com/manual/110/browser","category":		"Web","type":			"object",			// not in layout"rotatable":	false,"flags":		pf_singleglobal};


b.add the encodeURL function to the brwoser plugin Open url function like this:

Be sure not to have any encode url on the facebook or twitter url

Complementary material

* You cand find the plugin code in C:\Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins\browser\runtime.js

* You can use tumblr to store your image

* Use this links to undestand more the properties of each dialog box

facebook reference

twitter reference

Dialog for facebook

facebook.com/dialog/feed Your score message here &link=https://developers.facebook.com/docs/dialogs/&redirect_uri=https://facebook.com&name=Your game name &picture=your picture url&description= your description

Dialog for twitter

twitter.com/intent/tweet Your score message here &lang= your lenguage &url=your url


I have attached a . capx to that show what i have done, remember to use the encodeURI function for iOS



Download now 179.43 KB

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