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This tutorial is over and you’re still alive, congratulations. Finally, despite its length, the procedure is always the same. The most difficult part is the selection of your tools. Everything else is nothing but effect configuration.

As said at the beginning, this tutorial will be regularly updated. If another effect is created someday, it will be presented there, with the others. If Construct 3 provides any way to work with dynamic lighting, it will be explained and exposed too. Of course, all your feedback and advice will enrich these future updates. Please don't forget to signal me any mistakes.

You can download the package required to build Bob's world here.

You can download the demo capX of this same little world here.

You can download a PDF version of this tutorial here.

Say goodbye Bob, they're leaving.

Oh wait, you can’t because you’re not alive, you silly sprite. Even if you were, you don’t have a mouth anyway. Too bad.


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  • LeuNoeleeste I ask because with a tutorial like this it is difficult to follow along without video. Also, I think it said somewhere in this tutorial that there is a limitation on lights? So using Matriarxs extension you can only have 3 lights in a scene?

    • Hello Borixsticks, sorry for replying this late, I hope you managed to keep going since then. Now to properly answer you, this tutorial is getting old, I plan to rewrite it with waaaay less fluff. There is no need to read the whole thing, just focus on Matriax's effect and you're good to go as far as Construct 2 goes, it remains the best option so far, even to these days, as it seems.

      However, it does have a limit : It can only handle 3 light sources. I had plan to write my own version of this extension, allowing the user to add more sources. It's still somewhere in the back of my mind, but I never got the required time to do it. In the meantime, you'll have to work around the 3-sources limit to add this kind of lightning in your current project or study the extension itself to make it versatile.

      Finally, I don't think a video would be useful. I'll simply rewrite the damn thing this summer so it takes less than 3 pages. It's a painful read in its current state.

  • Awesome tutorial.

    I love it, ill may use it for my future games made in C2

  • Another nice normal map generation tool: boundingboxsoftware.com/materialize This was a great tutorial (which I read a while back.) I have used the Matriax effect and I also ported a procedural normalmap effect to C3 (specular and normalmap generated automatically.)

  • Absolutely a gem is that what I find here! Thanks for your effort in explaining the effect in detail and what I did not knew: There are three lights! At least something to start with! Almost fell of my stool. ;-p

    By the way may I humbly add two more ways to create bumps. ImBatch allows to create normal maps from multiple files at once - producing so la la quality. But it runs fast and is something like my Swiss Army Knife with all the file manipulation functions. Then there is ssBumpGenerator which you can get for free at Sourceforge. Like imBatch ssBump Generator is able to process more than one file and produces nice results.

    Hope that helps. Cheers!

  • Just putting this out there in case someone is struggling to get Matriax's plugin to work properly and is reading the comments..

    Setting light to mouse coordinates wasn't working for me at first, so here's what I did to get it working as intended.

    Project Settings:

    -> Use High-DPI Display: NO

    In the events - Set X and Y resolution to WindowWidth and WindowHeight.

    Like this:

    Every Tick -> Maps_Obj_Family -> Set Effect Parameter:

    Parameter Number 44, Value: WindowWidth

    Parameter Number 55, Value: WindowHeight

    Now you can toggle fullscreen and use different scales without a problem.

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