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Save the world!! err.. I mean say the word.

Often strategy or puzzle game incorporate edge border to visually indicate areas. An area usually formed by group of blocks or tiles.

What the title says is really simple matter to produce. I'm straighly to the provided source just to save some words.

On this unassisted sample, I show how to create edges border around areas which consist of blocks of sprite.

See it for yourself.



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  • Turn out the new method to generate border proven to be much much simpler and you can use full collision shape for the tile. Thanks to "just enough" collision shape of the border sprite, previous censor isn't required but rather using the border itself as a detector. Now it's variable free: dropbox.com/s/0c08ihjdzy3an3q/efficient_pad%20border_area.capx

  • thank you!! But I was fighting with it for 3 days, because its working only when colysion polygons, are not covering whole tile. What to do when they need cover it all?

    • Actually we can just use distance comparison instead of collision checking. I'll be back to give an alternative example or an update.