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Hi, during April 2013 Yann and I conducted an online course on how to make a platformer oriented towards beginners.

The course was composed of 4 sessions of 2h to 2h30 and we also recorded some extra videos to weight up on specific points.

The course was held on Twitch, a video streaming platform. The videos were also uploaded to Scirra's Youtube account.

We also had a University of Reddit page as well as a subreddit where the capx for each sessions and extra videos are available.

Find the replays :


+ Download and install Construct2

+ Quick introduction to Construct2 IDE

+ First session - Getting Started - Twitch / Youtube playlist

+ Second session - In depth - Twitch / Youtube playlist

+ Third session - Enemies and animation Twitch / Youtube playlist

+ Fourth session - Audio, export, publish Twitch / Youtube playlist

Extra videos:

+ Picking - Twitch / Youtube playlist

+ Variables - Twitch / Youtube playlist

+ State vs change - Twitch / Youtube playlist

+ Containers - Twitch / Youtube playlist

+ Effects and graphics - Twitch / Youtube playlist

+ Platform behavior - Twitch / Youtube playlist

If you enjoy those videos, be sure to like them (Twitch/Youtube), favourite this tutorial and upvote topics on reddit.

See you in another course ;)


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